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In this ever-changing economy, businesses are searching for innovative, cost effective, measurable ways to acquire and retain quality customers. But with today’s seemingly endless host of self-serve digital marketing options: email, social networks, and mobile communications, selecting and managing the most effective digital marketing solution can be expensive and confusing, if not overwhelming.

In response, eWORDofMOUTH launched a new platform that provides companies a managed suite of integrated technologies built on the insight that word of mouth marketing is the most effective and credible way to spread a brand’s message and achieve rapid, measurable, bottom line results.

Based in Rancho Mirage, California, we've amplified the most powerful form of advertising with innovative on demand social marketing technologies to grow customer databases, traffic, and sales exponentially for companies. By leveraging multiple communication channels such as Email, Mobile, and Social Media, our proprietary technology influences and rewards customers for continuously referring friends and family to your brand.

Whether a brand operates online or through bricks and mortar stores, our fully integrated system is ideally suited for consumer-facing enterprises seeking the technology, service, and real-time metrics needed to efficiently execute an online marketing strategy with exponentially positive results.


Trevor Shanski, President

Trevor Shanski founded eWORDofMOUTH and serves as its President. Prior to founding the company, Trevor served as the Chief Operating Officer of a national retail apparel company, and led the company’s growth from 13 to 108 stores and revenue to nearly $100 million. To support this rapid growth, Trevor oversaw the implementation of a sophisticated technology infrastructure across the company, considered one of the most advanced in the retail industry. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Wharton Business School, Trevor understands the technology needs of growing a multi-location business, and building an industry-leading system to support it has enabled him to conceptualize our one-of-a-kind platform for our company’s clients.

Trevor Cordes, VP Technology

Trevor is an expert in both hardware and software solutions. UNIX and Linux based solutions are his specialties. With over 22 years experience with computers and programming, 16 years experience with UNIX-based systems, 12 years experience building custom hardware, and 8 years developing e-commerce solutions, Trevor stands among the best in open source developers.

Shelley Shanski, VP Social Marketing

Shelley maintains the important position of developing eWORDofMOUTH's social marketing strategy. Shelley played a pivotal role in initially conceptualizing the eWORDofMOUTH service and is the company's senior strategist who oversees engagements with clients to develop their integrated social media programs. Shelley provides the company with 15 years of executive experience in the automotive industry. She possesses expertise in customer service, finance, and business management, as well as a deep understanding of the infrastructural needs of multi-location businesses.

Mike Brabo, VP Finance

Mike has worked in the areas of tax planning, valuations, strategy formulation, and business growth and development in a number of key industries. He has also been engaged in various litigation consulting services, including two appointments as a Special Master for the Superior Court of Riverside County. Mr. Brabo has obtained a Certificate of Achievement from the California Society of CPAs, Education Division in micro-computer consulting. He is also a State of California registered Trustee. Mr. Brabo is a graduate of Cal. Polytechnic University Pomona, California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Business Development Partners

Michael Coyne

A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Michael has over 25 years business experience and an ownership interest in a successful multi-location lumber and building materials company. He helped to build and expand the business from the ground up. He has developed an extensive background in international trade through various business partnerships in the United States and abroad.

Evan Hackel

Evan holds 25 years of experience leading, founding and righting cooperatives, franchises and companies, affording him outstanding knowledge of best practices, turnaround strategies and team dynamics, delivered in the context of his clients’ business model. Evan is proud to have developed cooperative groups and franchises, the largest of which had over 1000 global locations and $3 Billion in sales.

Denise Menefee

A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Denise is a seasoned professional having held leadership positions with beverage powerhouses PepsiCo and Diageo and casual dine restaurant leader Applebee's. In these capacities she has worked with such esteemed brands as Disney Regional Entertainment and Buena Vista Pictures, both divisions of the Walt Disney Company, Hard Rock Cafe, Cheesecake Factory, and Hilton and Marriot Hotels, She has a 20 year track record in brand building, consumer insights and trend spotting. During her corporate tenure she influenced brand vision, strategy and implementation for world-class brands and influenced upwards of $300 million dollar budgets.

Mark Oldham

Mark brings a broad business background and relationship management experience to eWORDofMOUTH. He was part of the team that launched and helped build the Golf Channel brand and take it from 0 to over 80 million households and build total revenues to over $450 million annually. Mark’s strength throughout his career has been in developing and building impactful and meaningful business relationships with each relationship built to return tangible and measurable business benefits.

Rick Rodrigo

Rick has worked with commercial and Native American gaming locations throughout the United States, Asia and South America. His clients include single boutique properties as well as the elite multi-location properties throughout the world.

Marc Levin

Marc is a web marketing strategist, architect of online lead generation engines, and Partner at WSI Internet Marketing Management. Mark brings 10 yrs public accounting (CPA) experience, 10 yrs Multi-Unit Restaurant Owner (120 employees) and 10 yrs as President of a Manufacturing/Distribution company to each of his Internet marketing projects.

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eWORDofMOUTH, a leading provider of online and social marketing solutions that enable consumer-facing enterprises to rapidly generate customer referrals and grow revenues, announced it has signed a new VAR agreement with Penguen Ltd., a leading international reseller to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

eWORDofMOUTH’s integrated digital marketing system allows enterprises to leverage email, mobile and social media channels to positively engage and incentivize customers to refer friends and family members. A recent eMarketer survey reinforced the business value of customer referral marketing, finding that Internet users trust recommendations from people they knew above other forms of advertising.

Penguen Ltd. will manage eWORDofMOUTH operations for the EMEA region, serving as the conduit for business owners across all verticals seeking to rapidly grow customer traffic, strengthen customer retention and generate more referrals from existing customers by leveraging eWORDofMOUTH’s unique 360 degree digital marketing solution.

“Consumer-facing companies throughout the U.S. have embraced our social marketing system – powered by our proprietary customer referral and rewards technology – to quickly grow traffic, sales and customer databases,” said Trevor Shanski, Founder and President of eWORDofMOUTH. “Penguen’s experienced management team, strong sales experience and business relationships throughout the EMEA region will allow us to rapidly expand our offering internationally.”

Learn about eWORDofMOUTH's Channel Partner Programs here.


eWORDofMOUTH is the industry's foremost multichannel enterprise marketing system that grows customer databases, traffic, and sales exponentially for brands.

By leveraging multiple engagement channels such as Social Media, Mobile, Email, and SMS, our proprietary managed technology will drive high lifetime value customers to your company.

Research proves that referrals from your customers drive higher margins than other customers, are retained longer, and have a higher lifetime value.

Our fully integrated solution provides the technology, service, and real-time metrics you need to execute your online marketing strategy with exponentially positive results; positive results that equate to increased sales, growth, and measurable ROI.

Talk to us to learn more about how we can help you grow your traffic and sales. Schedule a complimentary consultation and live demonstration by filling out the contact form located here.


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