Multichannel Enterprise Marketing Suite

eWORDofMOUTH is a managed suite of integrated products designed to
acquire and retain high lifetime value customers for brands.

Engage customers on Facebook using custom developed multiplayer social games, contests, and like-gated Timeline management tools.
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Reach out to customers with ecommerce apps, branded games, and data acquisition technology designed specifically for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.
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Grow your database exponentially by offering customers QR coded rewards, redeemable online or in-store, for recommending friends and family to your business via email, SMS, and social networks.
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Design, deploy, and report centrally on localized campaigns running across thousands of locations in multiple languages.
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Measure results and key metrics across all channels down to the lowest level of granularity from one dashboard.
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Integrate real-time customer and transactional data seamlessly from other digital marketing systems, websites, online ordering services, point of sale, and legacy accounting software.
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eWORDofMOUTH, a leading provider of online and social marketing solutions that enable consumer-facing enterprises to rapidly generate customer referrals and grow revenues, announced it has signed a new VAR agreement with Penguen Ltd., a leading international reseller to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

eWORDofMOUTH’s integrated digital marketing system allows enterprises to leverage email, mobile and social media channels to positively engage and incentivize customers to refer friends and family members. A recent eMarketer survey reinforced the business value of customer referral marketing, finding that Internet users trust recommendations from people they knew above other forms of advertising.

Penguen Ltd. will manage eWORDofMOUTH operations for the EMEA region, serving as the conduit for business owners across all verticals seeking to rapidly grow customer traffic, strengthen customer retention and generate more referrals from existing customers by leveraging eWORDofMOUTH’s unique 360 degree digital marketing solution.

“Consumer-facing companies throughout the U.S. have embraced our social marketing system – powered by our proprietary customer referral and rewards technology – to quickly grow traffic, sales and customer databases,” said Trevor Shanski, Founder and President of eWORDofMOUTH. “Penguen’s experienced management team, strong sales experience and business relationships throughout the EMEA region will allow us to rapidly expand our offering internationally.”

Learn about eWORDofMOUTH's Channel Partner Programs here.


eWORDofMOUTH is the industry's foremost multichannel enterprise marketing system that grows customer databases, traffic, and sales exponentially for brands.

By leveraging multiple engagement channels such as Social Media, Mobile, Email, and SMS, our proprietary managed technology will drive high lifetime value customers to your company.

Research proves that referrals from your customers drive higher margins than other customers, are retained longer, and have a higher lifetime value.

Our fully integrated solution provides the technology, service, and real-time metrics you need to execute your online marketing strategy with exponentially positive results; positive results that equate to increased sales, growth, and measurable ROI.

Talk to us to learn more about how we can help you grow your traffic and sales. Schedule a complimentary consultation and live demonstration by filling out the contact form located here.


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